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    MGG Transparency Website Ready


    MGG’s radical transparency promise makes us unique and is unmatched in the outdoor apparel industry:

    Supply chain - In the drop-down menu next to every product, you’ll find the source of the raw materials and components, and the location of our manufacturing partner, for that product. All our products are manufactured in Europe, which allows us to work in close cooperation with our suppliers, and to guarantee that our suppliers’ employees enjoy fair working conditions.

    Production costs & profit - In the same drop-down menu next to every product, you’ll find a breakdown of all our costs of designing, manufacturing, distributing and marketing that product, and even the amount of profit that we make on it! We believe that you deserve to understand everything about your purchase, and we feel that this is the best way of demonstrating our commitment to radical product transparency.

    Carbon footprint - And again, in the same drop-down menu next to every product, we’ve partnered with Product DNA to provide the exact CO2 and monetary carbon footprint of all our products.

    MGG Sustainability Website Ready


    Sustainability is a long term aim for MGG, and we’re constantly working towards our goal of manufacturing our products from raw materials and components which are derived from sustainable sources.

    We only work with factories close to home in Europe in the Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovakia and Turkey, to minimise the distances that our products need to travel to our distribution hub, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. This hub is also located centrally in Europe in the Czech Republic, which serves to minimise onward shipping distances.

    Our packaging is all FSC certified (or equivalent) sustainable cardboard and paper, and the ink printed on our packaging is produced using environmentally friendly processes. Where possible, we will always avoid the use of plastics.

    And finally, we’re working with Forestmatic to plant a new tree in the tropics in Uganda with every single online and offline order, so as to fully offset the carbon footprint of every product that we sell. This exciting partnership ensures that every purchase that you make will always be 100% carbon neutral.

    MGG OPOC Website Ready


    As part of MGG’s commitment to sustainability and helping others, we’ve established a give back initiative, Off Piste . On Course.

    It works like this: When you’ve had enough wear out of your old gear, simply visit this page - OPOC - and follow the instructions.

    We’ll then send your old gear on to a charity operating in cold, high-altitude climates, such as the Himalayas or the Andes, where people less fortunate than ourselves need warm clothing every day to live and work.

    What’s more, we’ll even tell you where your old gear has been sent to when it’s on its way!

    We’d love you to make the most of our give back initiative, so please spread the word, give your old gear a new lease of life, and help another human in the process.

    Please note that right now, Off Piste . On Course is available in the EU ONLY.

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